Server Support For Large & Small Law Firms In Vancouver

Managed IT services take the heavy lifting out of managing servers and other IT needs. Read more about how your Canadian law firm can benefit from managed IT.  

At first glance, the idea of keeping your own serve on-site for your firm makes sense. You have full control because you and your team are the ones managing the server. To take your level of control even further, you could have your team manage all of your IT needs. But the seeming benefits of on-premise servers and on-site IT management turn out to be real pains over the long-term. Sure, you have control, but you also have to juggle the never-ending tasks of managing IT while also running a law firm.

Server management, cybersecurity, and all your other IT needs can be managed by IT professionals in your area – and typically for less than the cost of keeping your own IT team. Read on to see if you are experiencing the problems many Vancouver-area firms encounter when managing their own IT and to discover a simple, cost-effective solution for your problems.

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following Problems with Servers & IT at Your Firm?

1. You keep encountering problems with your software.

In spite of keeping up with regular updates, you keep running into snags while using various software.

2. You are stressed out about keeping your system backed up.

If you are even slightly proficient in modern technology, you know that backup options are available for your system. But which ones should you use and how can you incorporate them into your existing workflow?

3. The server you are using is old and giving you trouble.

One of the greatest frustrations with tech is that no matter how much you spend, your equipment will get old and stop working correctly – and servers are no exception.

4. You keep having to troubleshoot servers or desktops with no end in sight.

Often older equipment will become an increasing hassle to maintain – and sometimes even new equipment will give you problems.

5. Your IT team can’t seem to solve the problems you are experiencing.

Many smaller firms have an IT team of one, and that one may have other roles besides handling the IT issues that keep popping up.

6. The money you spend on IT fluctuates significantly from month to month and seems more expensive than it should be.

One month, a desktop breaks and needs replacing. The next month, you have to bring in a computer repair specialist to troubleshoot your network. It seems like the issues never stop arriving and the bills that come with fixing those issues keep stacking up.

Managed IT Services – How Hiring Pros Solves Your Firm’s Tech Problems

1. They provide constant monitoring of your servers, network, and computer systems.

Keeping up with all the needs of your various technologies is a juggling act that few law firms have the time or energy for. Your focus needs to be on your practice and serving your clients, not remembering to update your system. Managed IT services provide 24/7 monitoring of your tech to make sure everything is in good working order.

2. Cloud backups are standard.

Whether you want to keep local backups or not, you can guarantee that your managed IT services team is going to encourage you to utilize cloud backups. They can set everything up to backup at regular intervals and whenever you prefer so that there is always a safe repository for your data that you can access if you need it.

3. They can help your hardware going longer and advise you on when upgrades are needed.

You don’t want to spend more money on hardware than you have to – but you also need your firm to keep running smoothly. Managed IT services can include necessary maintenance to prolong the life of your hardware, and you can rely on your computer consultant to tell you when upgrades are needed.

4. There is no better way to ensure that problems are solved quickly and completely.

Because the team you hire to manage your IT serves multiple clients, they need to be on the cutting edge of troubleshooting technology. They are the best people available to figure out what is wrong and fix it.

5. They can keep you ahead of the technology curve.

You can consult with your managed IT services team to learn what technologies you need to incorporate to stay current, such as automation tech. According to Daniel Lo at Canadian Lawyer, “Automation of routine processes and specifically defined legal tasks have made for more efficient delivery of services.” You can take advantage of such tech to improve your practice.

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