Why Are Mining Companies Are Flocking To Compunet for IT Services?

Mining companies come to Compunet looking for answers that shouldn’t be complicated to find. Keep it simple: how can you help us and how much will it cost us?

Mining is one of the longest-running industries in British Columbia, and – as expected – has greatly evolved over time. Mining has served as the livelihood for countless people, with mining companies providing employment for thousands for more than a century. As a nearly $10 billion business in British Columbia alone, mining is a major economy with complex considerations. From health impacts to environmental risks, mining is subject to intense regulatory oversight and strict regulatory requirements.

In the earliest years, if documentation was kept, record-keeping involved the latest technology: paper, if it was available. Information was based on word-of-mouth relay or written transfer, and reliability of this data was questionable at best. In contrast, modern mining companies have more modern digital solutions, involving software and the Internet. Records are quite thorough, and governmental oversight bodies are even more so. Site monitoring and inspections require compliance, and failure to pass verification processes could mean costly delays in production.

Much like failed compliance translates into delays in production, failure of technology means delayed productivity. No matter the industry, technology needs to work. Bonus if your technology does more of the work for you!

“What can we do to make sure our technology works?”

The answer is simple! When safety requirements, public health, and environmental factors all depend on smooth processes and technology that functions properly, the answer is to work with a managed IT services provider (MSP). A relationship with an MSP comes with the peace of mind of many solid guarantees, just a few of which include:

  • Data security
  • Network protection
  • 24/7 systems monitoring
  • Help Desk and software support

When partnering with an MSP, like Compunet in British Columbia, your IT processes are in the capable hands of an expert technical resource. Mining companies, for example, retain records on permits and inspections in order to make sure the company is current on permits and complies with all regulatory requirements to avoid fines and fees.

Automating these reporting processes can minimize the time needed to dedicate resources, increasing the amount of time that can be dedicated to other processes, therefore increasing team productivity.

And that’s just one example!

Mining companies call Compunet because of years of experience with software and technology used in the industry. Working with a provider that already understands technology and needs significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to onboard.

The most common question is about pricing. Mining companies research MSPs and comb through websites for details, but the primary goal is to find out how much services cost.

Why does it seem like this is the hardest information to find?

Because – just like technology – your IT processes need better than a “one size fits all” approach, so costs can’t be set in a “one size fits all” price tag.

A recent encounter with a customer provided a lot of insight into the frustration a customer experiences in the research process, and it’s our goal to minimize this for you. We don’t treat you with a “one size fits all” script but we do need some information from you before giving you a price that is fair and realistic.

Along the lines of this clarity, mining companies looking for an MSP can get these

5 P’s of IT Services with Compunet:

  • Straightforward pricing
  • Transparent processes
  • Increased on-site productivity
  • Secure network protection
  • Reliability promise

Straightforward Pricing

A quick look at the Compunet website prompts visitors to reach out for customized pricing. Yes, there could be a checkbox form that offers all of the pricing right on the website, but rather than risk details getting “lost in translation”, it’s better – for you – if we spend just a few moments on the phone getting some details and providing a straightforward price based on true needs.

Transparent Processes

Compunet’s line-up of managed IT services includes a variety of technical processes that are critical for mining companies, including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • IT Consulting
  • VoIP Services
  • Hosted Solutions
  • Cloud Services

Adapting research from “one size fits all” to the customized approach, so mining companies only pay for what is needed. Developing a personalized IT strategy that is right for customers returns the best long-term results for everyone!

Increased Productivity

The automated reporting example from earlier in this article is the perfect way to describe how to increase productivity. When systems run smoothly and technology is performing properly, mining companies can focus on business development areas that require attention for a successful long-term strategy. Reducing resources devoted to processes that are now automated is the best way to reallocate these efforts and increase productivity!

Secure Network Protection

With 24/7 remote monitoring, networks are protected from potential threats, especially during off-peak hours or outside of normal business hours. What’s more, security patches and updates aimed at protecting systems and workstations can be applied during these same off-peak hours to avoid impacting staff use and causing downtime.

Reliability Promise

The guarantees of 24/7 remote monitoring and being able to reach Help Desk and support through whichever method is easiest for customers makes a huge difference. MSPs that can guarantee a prompt response, like Compunet’s guarantee of a response within one hour, are the most reliable.

“Where do we sign up?”

When mining companies are ready to learn how to make technology work smarter, improve operations, ensure compliance, and maximize productivity, partnering with an MSP is the next logical step.

The average impact to the bottom line for mining companies can run between $100 and $500 each month, but that’s quite a difference! For mining companies, the best way to find the best fit and get the best price is to do yourself a favor and make the call to find out how to make your technology work smarter.

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