Vancouver Company Calls Compunet To Replace Citrix

Many companies use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for cloud solutions. However, businesses found that they face complications with setting up their infrastructure as soon as they join the Citrix cloud.

The platform can also be costly and difficult to maintain. As a result, many companies seek to shift to other cloud platforms to ensure their infrastructure is set correctly to use various devices and software.

Compunet Infotech has helped hundreds of organizations in Vancouver and areas across the Lower Mainland to shift to appropriate cloud technologies. We’ve been offering IT support to businesses to allow digital operations in the cloud.

If you’re looking to replace Citrix or any other cloud technology, we can help you shift to cloud platforms that most businesses find beneficial, such as.

Vancouver Company Calls Compunet To Replace Citrix

1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure allows your business to gain exceptional cloud security and reliability. It’s no surprise that more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Azure for their infrastructure and storage. Azure appears to address cloud needs for businesses better than any other cloud company.

However, you need ongoing Azure support to ensure:

  • Access to updated functionality
  • Maintain security of your cloud environment
  • Efficient business operations

Compunet Infotech can support the entire life cycle of Azure products. We’ll help you with services such as:

Migration from Citrix or Any Other Cloud Technology

Regardless of where you’re in your cloud journey, your business goal, the workload you want to migrate — Compunet Infotech will simplify the migration process for you.

We’ll work with your team to understand your business’s options, identify and develop cloud solutions that help you achieve your business goals, and then migrate and manage your Azure.

Azure Security Solutions

We’ll help you secure your Azure workload and data and maintain compliance in several ways:

  • Increasing the complexity of security in your Azure environment with solutions that enhance security for migration and new deployments
  • Deploying security technology for Azure environments such as Azure Security Center and other Azure security offerings
  • Designing and building cloud security controls to address compliance with regulatory authorities
  • Improving your cloud security resilience by understanding cloud vulnerabilities and threats — our experts will check for settings that don’t align with your industry security practices

Data Analytics Solutions to Liberate You From Legacy System Problems

We offer Modern Analytic MVP services that solve legacy system challenges such as:

  • Implementation of technology
  • Help you customize Azure tools based on your business needs
  • Mitigate risk when handling a large amount of data and storing it in the cloud
  • Expertise to integrate Azure seamlessly into your existing systems
  • Continually review updates on Azure and related solutions to ensure you have up-to-date functionality
  • Help you understand how the technology and business advances of Azure can help your company
  • Create processes and infrastructure to take full advantage of new features that Azure releases

Ideation and Architectural Modeling

Anyone can move to Azure, but building a well-structured, optimized infrastructure for your business requires skills. Compunet will let you leverage the cloud with two of Microsoft’s best practice frameworks:

  1. Cloud Adoption Framework
  2. Azure Well-Architected Framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework will allow your business to shift to Azure Cloud confidently. The Azure Well-Architected Framework, on the other hand, will offer technical guidance specifically at the workload level for:

  • Cost optimization
  • Performance efficiency
  • Security
  • Operational excellence
  • Reliability

In other words, we’ll handle the heavy migration task for you. We use industry-leading tools to manage your Azure environment.

Our experts will|:

  • Monitor your Azure resources to ensure you’re only paying for the computing power you need
  • Deploy Microsoft Defender for the cloud to identify vulnerabilities in your cloud environment and improve your security resilience
  • Execute log analytics to run automated policies and rules to control your costs

2. AWS Managed Support

While Microsoft Azure is an excellent cloud solution for any business, it isn’t the only one. AWS is another alternative.

Depending on your business needs, we’ll consider a migration. While Azure and AWS offer a similar set of services, some situations make AWS more preferable.  For instance:

  • When you’re looking for high-level consistency and reliability for serverless services
  • When you’re after storage with extensive documentation
  • When you’re after an advanced database that manages everything

We’ll monitor and manage your AWS account, create and look after your AWS infrastructure with various tools, optimize costs and plan for your AWS services so that you can get the best value for the technology you’re paying for.

More importantly, Compunet will offer you DevOps automation to help you build an agile cloud platform to deploy your new applications effectively. We focus on automating your cloud infrastructure for your current and new applications, then optimizing your cloud infrastructure to deliver high-performance applications.

Our expertise with AWS allows us to advise you on several issues such as:

  • Resource usage and billing on AWS
  • Autoscaling implementation
  • Application architecture and validation

We’ll offer you custom development and consulting to integrate AWS cloud technology into your current applications.

3. Google Cloud

You can also replace your Citrix Cloud with Google Cloud. Regardless of what you’re planning to achieve with cloud services, Google cloud has the capabilities to suit your needs for future growth and evolution.

Google Cloud offers you:

  • Compute power
  • Storage
  • Big data
  • Machine learning
  • Application services for your web
  • Backend solutions
  • Analytics

We partner with Google Cloud to deliver a high level of expertise and performance. Our team of experienced engineers will help you get the most out of Google Cloud.

Apart from just migration from cloud solutions such as Citrix, Compunet will help you address concerns such as:

  • Google cloud security
  • Compliance
  • Management of multi-cloud environments
  • IaaS and PaaS management
  • Change and configuration management
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting
  • Patching of cloud infrastructure component
  • Identifying common security gaps at onboarding time
  • Set up backup, redundancy, and databases within Google Cloud

We’ll fill your business’s cloud technology management gap and provide flexible payment models.

Compunet Infotech Will Shoulder All Your Cloud Migration and Management Needs in Vancouver and Lower Mainland

For over three decades, we’ve been helping businesses throughout Great Vancouver with their IT needs. We can help you too with all your cloud needs, regardless of the cloud technologies you’re using. Contact us today to talk about your business’ cloud needs.