Get Cloud Applications for Architects That Are Truly Game-Changing and Innovative from Compunet

Are you an architectural firm in the Vancouver area who’s interested in your team’s abilities to work remotely? Good news! Compunet InfoTech offers cloud applications for architects that allow for virtual desktop interfacing (VDI) and truly innovative cloud solutions that create a “Virtual Architectural Firm in a Box”.

The 2017 CEA gold award winner in the Best Cloud Computing Solution category is Compunet InfoTech, which has been providing the Greater Vancouver business community with IT solutions and support since 1989. Their “Virtual Architectural Firm in a Box” solution represents a genuine pooling of the company’s collective knowledge and expertise in the areas of computer hardware, virtualization, and thin-client technology, as well as in the provisioning of managed IT services.

Vancouver, like many cities, is a place where most people cannot afford to live close to work, and so must commute for longer and longer times. The cloud computing solution that Compunet has provided to one of its clients – John Clark Architect of Burnaby BC – represents more than just extra leverage — it’s actually a game-changer, and Mr. Clark and his team are deriving huge benefits as a result.

Compunet InfoTech offers a complete solution with cloud applications for architects in a holistic package specific to what architects do.

Besides being able to provide Revit in the cloud (the main cloud application that architects rely on) they have a turnkey office solution including email services, VoIP telephony, cloud file sharing, disaster avoidance, and much more, providing everything a growing architectural firm requires without the headaches and huge upfront costs that come with growth.

Compunet’s cloud applications for architects allow these clients to scale their business successfully.

“The technology is important, but what the technology affords me as a business owner is more important,” says architect John Clark.

Compunet’s cloud solution allows the John Clark Architectural firm – and any architectural firm in Vancouver metro – to attract the best workforce regardless of where they are located, which allows the firm to bid on the jobs they want to go after, no matter where they are in the world.

Compunet’s Cloud Solution has also eliminated the need for office space, especially in Vancouver where lease rates are among the highest in Canada.

“That saves a ton of money, we can use elsewhere,” says John.

The cloud is truly a win-win-win for John Clark Architect, Compunet and other architects across the world that are looking to eliminate high costs in their firms.

Innovative Cloud Applications for Architects Designed for Optimum Efficiency and Growth

The advantages of Compunet’s cloud applications for architects are numerous. The John Clark Architect firm finds there is no greater opportunity for expansion to other geographic locations because their capabilities are no longer regionally focused.

Clark and Co. are able to integrate more efficiently with clients and consultants with the cloud applications for architects Compunet have provided them. According to Clark, “We get great feedback from high-profile, large-scale clients.” John Clark Architect looks forward to long-term reliance on Compunet’s cutting edge technology and services, such as:

  • Outstanding managed services and computer support – Compunet install and support the technologies and computer systems that help businesses run efficiently and successfully.
  • Wide-ranging IT solutions – Compunet enables the client to maximize their technology to get the most out of their IT investment, gain competitive advantages and increase production.
  • Reliable cloud strategizing – Compunet ensures the protection of data and the availability of IT systems for productivity and efficiency around-the-clock.

John Clark Architect recommends Compunet to other architectural companies. Clark says that Compunet InfoTech is “good at researching what technology and products are the best fit for us.” Since using Compunet, Clark’s business efficiency has increased tremendously.

“We couldn’t coordinate this much without Compunet solutions – it just wouldn’t be possible.”

Modern architectural software, while undoubtedly providing numerous benefits to the architects of today, still presents a few challenges for the modern firm to overcome. Revit BIM software and other technologies deal with massive, inconvenient file types and sizes, which makes it difficult to share, store and collaborate with those you need to.

Unfortunately, mobility is often a necessity for you and project managers in order to access, view, and share new work with clients when you visit them at their offices and on-site (no worries – we’ll protect you with advanced mobility solutions).

Virtual Environments Help Architects Do What They Do Best

By centralizing all architectural design and business communication resources in one virtual location, the capacity for collaboration and efficiency is optimized. Clark coins the digital environment a “Virtual Architect” office and claims it has been integral to their professional growth.

Compunet utilized Virtualization, VoIP, SaaS, IaaS, and their own proprietary Compunet Cloudsync technologies to create the Virtual Architect. A dedicated web-based infrastructure, it is available for any given project, resides on a private cloud server and has since had proven success in completing virtually designed projects. Experienced remote team members are now available on an as-needed basis from around the globe.

John Clark Architect is now able to bring in outside consultants from a variety of different places without huge overhead costs. Compunet uses a pre-arranged template to set up workstations for new consultants and contributors, who only get access to what they need to.

According to John Clark Architect, “Compunet handles it promptly and everything works effectively, often within a half hour.”

Compunet has years of experience in serving Vancouver architectural firms and dealing with the Revit-based data that professional-service employees work with every day. Considering the needs associated with this architectural software, Compunet developed an ideal solution that puts your vital data at your fingertips from nearly any location: The Virtual Architectural Firm in a Box.

Compunet’s Virtual Architectural Firm in a Box represents the best cloud applications for architects available, and includes everything you need to keep in touch with employees, vendors, and clients, as well as share files, collaborate, achieve specific business goals and more.

The standout features of this service include:

  • VoIP
  • Video Conferencing
  • All Your Office Applications
  • Specialized Architectural Industry Software
  • Email Systems
  • File Sharing Systems
  • Accounting Software

The best part is that everything is provided through the cloud and hosted by Compunet; all your staff needs is access to a computer – whether at the office, at a remote work location, or on the go – and they’ll be connected with this comprehensive range of services and features.

Compunet is a cloud provider in Vancouver offering cost-effective managed IT services and consulting designed to address technology challenges and help small business professionals reach their business goals. From network consulting and integration services to onsite and remote computer support, Compunet will assist you in maintaining ultimate productivity and efficiency while keeping you ahead of the competition.

Special Offer! Compunet is offering a free month of service to any architectural firm in Canada who moves to our cloud computing solution.

Each architectural firm who makes the move to Compunet gets:

  • RevIT or Autocad;
  • An Email solution with Hosted Exchange;
  • A phone solution in the cloud;
  • Plenty of secure storage in the cloud.

This really is the perfect cloud solution for a small architectural firm in Vancouver!

Ready for Game-Changing Cloud Applications for Architects in Vancouver?

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