Are You Looking for Cloud Hosting Services in British Columbia?

Answering your top questions about finding the right hosted Cloud solutions in BC

You’ve more than likely heard of the Cloud and you’ve likely heard that many business professionals are making a move to the ‘virtual’ office space to do better business while saving time and money. Cloud computing has paved the way for businesses to better serve clients and better organize and optimize their workflow.

However, for many companies, trying to manage hosted internal applications and external websites can be a real juggling act – especially when trying to focus on more central business objectives. So many professionals are making the choice to seek out Cloud hosting services as a means of outsourcing some of this responsibility.

We recently heard from a company in Burnaby who was looking for hosted Cloud solutions. Of course, we were happy to help. But the inquiry got us thinking. We decided to put together a comprehensive guide that will help professionals in their search for BC Cloud hosting services. Read on for the inside scoop on finding the best Cloud hosting provider in BC.

Things to Consider When Looking for Cloud Hosting Services in BC

Like with any other area of business, professionals looking for hosted Cloud services in BC should go in with a plan. Understand why Cloud hosting services will make sense for your company. Take inventory of the applications and software that you’re hoping to have hosted. Take time to consider all the benefits and prioritize the ones that mean the most to your company.

If you’re considering a move to hosted Cloud solutions, review the following questions:

Have you considered the cost-savings?

If you’re on the fence about recruiting a Cloud hosting provider in BC, the potential for cost-savings should easily sway you. Like every business professional, you want to leverage the most innovative software and applications available so that your team has the best resources at their fingertips.

However, purchasing, licensing, and hosting these solutions locally and internally can translate into huge capital expenditures. Further, trying to implement, manage, maintain, and update these systems on your own can be a full-time job.

However, hosted Cloud solutions mean that cost and complexity doesn’t have to hold you back anymore. The right Cloud hosting services in BC will offer hosted solutions to help keep you and your team connected and optimized, without outrageous upfront costs or tedious maintenance requirements.

What does your ideal Cloud hosting arrangement look like?

Now that you’re hooked on the idea of a budget-friendly solution, it’s time to create a game plan. Every company is different and the applications and software they rely on will vary. Before searching for hosted Cloud solutions in BC, be sure to know what your ideal Cloud data center would look like.

Maybe you need all your finance applications like Quickbooks hosted so invoicing and accounting processes can be centralized. Perhaps you also wanted a hosted email solution like Exchange so communication resources are streamlined. You could even have some custom, company-specific applications that you’d like tailored for Cloud implementation.

No matter your needs, the right hosted Cloud solution will be customized to suit your company. Think about it: all the applications you use most, centralized and optimized for secure access anywhere, anytime. And with no maintenance or licensing costs? What more could a business want?

What benefits could a hosted Cloud solution offer your business?

Now, aside from creating a cost-effective and centralized data center in the Cloud, there are countless other benefits that hosted Cloud solutions could offer your company. Taking note of these benefits is critical as it will help you make sure the provider you choose is living up to their responsibilities.

Top benefits of Cloud hosting services include:

Streamlined continuity

When you rely on in-house servers to run your company data center, what happens if they go down unexpectedly? Do you have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place? And if you do, have you tested it to ensure smooth deployment in a chaotic situation?

Now, we’re not trying to claim that hosted Cloud solutions are a disaster-proof alternative – IT security risks exist and disasters can happen no matter what. However, hosting your applications and data in the Cloud can definitely minimize the downtime and other negative effects associated with a digital disaster.

Strategic hosted Cloud solutions can deploy backup power generation tools that help you stay connected even in the face of utility failures. Further, the right hosted Cloud solutions will have automatic and redundant backups in place to ensure your company data is secured and accessible in the face of disaster.

Hosted Cloud providers can also use strategic reporting and diagnostic tools to locate what went wrong and ensure your network doesn’t face the same crisis twice. Simply put, when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity, hosted Cloud solutions take away the panic and offer peace of mind.

Increased speed & efficiency

Another huge benefit of migrating your data center to a hosted Cloud solution is the delivery speed and efficiency improvements you’ll notice. Content delivery networks (CDNs) are designed to host resource-intensive data – things like images, video streams, documents, and other media.

Cloud hosting means that your CDN is able to provide much faster data access and data delivery. Today’s strategic Cloud hosting services quickly detect which server is closest to a given user so they’re able to gain quick and secure access to the critical data they need. This means delays and loading times are eliminated for your team on the internal network and potential clients visiting your hosted website.

Anytime, anywhere access to critical business resources

As mentioned, this is probably the largest benefit of migrating to a hosted Cloud solution. The fact of the matter is, Cloud hosting services make it possible for you to centralize all the applications and resources that make your business function. They’re compiled in one, secure and easy-to-access online platform.

This means taking advantage of business opportunities is made possible – anytime, anywhere. You can work with your Cloud hosting provider to set up dynamic and secure access controls so that you and your team can log in and get to work, in the office, at home, or on the road. Optimal productivity, with no business venture left behind.

Layered security

All the convenience we’ve talked about is great, but what about strong security? Many professionals have a misconception that migrating to the Cloud is going to make company data security a nightmare. However, by finding the right Cloud hosting services in BC, you’ll have network security down to a science.

Cloud hosting solutions are designed with security in mind and have robust tools and protections built-in to protect company data. Further, as technology continues to develop, Cloud services providers have taken huge strides to ensure industry compliance regulations are proactively considered.

While cybersecurity will always be a dual responsibility between you and your hosted Cloud provider, making the migration is a great first step to upping your security game. Cloud solutions are becoming more and more popular, and as such, Cloud security developments are ahead of the pack. This means, with a hosted Cloud solution, you’ll be in a better position to handle any threat that comes your way.

Putting Thought to Action: Strategies for Finding a Cloud Hosting Provider in BC

Now that we’ve gone over the key benefits of hosted Cloud solutions, you’re probably wondering, how do I go about finding the right Cloud hosting services in BC? The reality is, only you and your team know the Cloud infrastructure that will work best for you. So, take stock of what you need and start your hunt for BC Cloud hosting providers.

Whether you want to host everything or just select applications, go into your search with an idea of what you’re looking for. We hope that after reading this guide, the benefits of Cloud hosting are clear. So, don’t let anything else hold you back! Stop putting off the migration and start talking to potential Cloud services providers in BC.

Reach out to a BC Cloud consultant directly and be sure to explain the specific needs and challenges your company is facing in terms of infrastructure management. The right IT professional will be able to guide you and offer strategic Cloud hosting solutions that will streamline and optimize your entire data center. Don’t keep waiting until tomorrow – take charge and make a change in the direction of growth.

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