Will They Work Properly In The Cloud?

No matter what type of business you operate, you’ve probably worked hard to find the applications that work best for you. And, you’ve likely customized them to meet your unique requirements. These IT assets are important to you. However, you want to access them when you’re away from your office. That means it’s time to migrate them to the Cloud. But will they work properly? Read on, and we’ll tell you what you need to know before you do.

The first thing to know is that migrating applications and data to the Cloud isn’t a simple matter. The best way to ensure your migration goes smoothly and is completed quickly is to turn to outside help from an experienced IT services company in North Vancouver.

Now it’s time to think things through:

  • What are the benefits of moving your custom applications to the Cloud?
  • Which applications do you need to migrate?
  • How can you minimize any risks?

What Are The Benefits of Moving To The Cloud?

When you migrate your applications to the Cloud, they will be running from a secure data centre. This means that as long as you and your authorized users have a computer device and Internet access, they can work from anywhere at any time.

This is a huge benefit to your business. Not only can you access your customized applications when travelling or working from home, but you can also take advantage of remote workers and save money on office space, utilities and more.

With ready access to your customized applications, you’ll find that your workers’ productivity and efficiency is increased. This has a positive impact on your bottom line.

There are other benefits of moving your custom apps to the Cloud:

Lower costs: Cloud computing can cut your costs. You will have access to a cloud service provider who can offer their expertise, best practices and massive scalability, all at a lower cost than you can obtain on your own. Plus, with cloud computing, you only pay for what you require.

You won’t have to invest capital upfront because you pay for cloud services as you use them. You also won’t waste money on computing capacity that you don’t need. And you can quickly add more computing capacity if you need it, or scale back in slow times.

You’ll benefit from greater agility: Your IT professional won’t have to install, organize, specify and configure hardware for every new application you use. It will also speed up your ability to deploy your applications.

IT processes won’t slow you down when you want to push out new codes. It will happen in minutes. And, with the click of a mouse, you can add storage, bandwidth and computing cycles.

You can focus your efforts on your business rather than worrying about technology: Deploying your customized applications in the Cloud allows you to focus your efforts on growing your business.

And your application developers can concentrate on creating your applications rather than maintenance and system administration.

Which Applications Do You Need To Migrate?

You really don’t have to choose. You can move them all. This is because you can not only build applications in the Cloud, you can deploy an entire application platform bundle.

Your custom app can be built and deployed using a middleware platform. This is a layer of software that sits between your applications and operating system. It also provides you with maximum flexibility. However, once again, you’ll need a qualified IT support company in Vancouver to do this for you.

How Can You Minimize Any Risks When Migrating Your Applications To The Cloud?

Monitoring: Your IT support company should be remotely monitoring and analyzing what’s transpiring on your network. Is the bandwidth adequate? Are applications performing as they should? This monitoring will quickly detect and resolve and reliability or security issues as well as underperformance issues.

Decide what applications you’ll migrate before choosing a cloud provider: You must do this to make the best decision about where to put your customized applications. If your applications have high utilization rates or require high input/output, you need to know this. Some may require more bandwidth than others.

Ask your IT service company in Vancouver to help you choose the best cloud service provider for your needs. You need a cloud vendor that supports your development environment. Your IT support company will carefully consider the capabilities of prospective cloud service providers before moving forward with any specific application migration projects.

Plus, they will help you find a cloud provider that:

  • Offers the performance and reliability you need for your current IT environment.
  • Provides the configurability and access you require.
  • Is as non-proprietary as possible

Will Your Customized Apps Work Properly In The Cloud?

Just like the first thing to know, the last thing to know is that migrating applications and data to the Cloud isn’t a simple matter. To ensure your customized applications work properly in the Cloud requires the expertise and knowledge from the right IT services company.

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